Sunday, 27 July 2014

REVIEW: Beauty Buffet Olive Firming Face Scrub (Scentio)

Hello! Please welcome me back to my blog! This is my first post in months and my first real post from Thailand. Today I'm going to review something that I bought here so I'm sorry to say that most of you won't be able to get your hands on it... Although, I hope you'll take interest in seeing what the extensive Thai beauty market has to offer!

This face scrub cost me 200 baht (~£4) from the Beauty Buffet in my local Tesco Lotus. I was looking for something I could use in my afternoon shower to scrub off a days worth of sweat and face powder after work. This is just the ticket.

It's a gentle scrub with sandy like particles in it. It's lightly fragranced and seems perfect for sensitive skin. With the amount of particles that it has, I can't imagine that you'll get any serious scrubbing action going so it's good for light use every day. I'm not sure if it's "firming" as it claims but it leaves my skin soft and smooth so I'm happy. The instructions say to scrub for 5 minutes but I don't have time for that! Over all, I have no complaints - it does the job I bought it for and I'll definitely buy it again at the price they sell it for here!

REVIEW: Maybelline Smooth and Clear All in One Compact

Hi! Today's offering from me is another review on something I bought in Thailand (that's going to be a common thing for the next six months or so, FYI)... I've been wearing this compact almost every day at work since May so I thought I'd write about it for you :)

This compact is supposed to be an All in One product so I was keen to try it even though I'm pretty sure it's meant for Asian complexions. I bought it in shade 03 Natural which is probably the closest to my non Asian skin. I found that it gives light to medium coverage, blends easily and doesn't cake unless you really over do it! I apply it straight on to my bare face after applying my normal moisturiser, using the little sponge; it's completely fuss free.

Maybelline claims that it should...
  • Control shine - VERDICT: Yes
  • Have UV protection - VERDICT: I personally wouldn't trust it but  I haven't exactly tested!
  • Conceal blemishes - VERDICT: Yes
  • Give fairer skin - VERDICT: I hate the idea of all of this fairness/whitening stuff and I guess it does kind of white me out sometimes but when I'm teaching, I get so red and hot that it cancels it out lol
  • Smooth / Even out skin - VERDICT: Pretty much
  • Be long wear and gentle -VERDICT: long wear = maybe... Gentle = Yes
Price: I can't remember but the website says 199 baht (~£4)

 I needed this powder to control my shine and redness while I was teaching all day and I'd say it does a decent job; I generally feel confident that I don't look too much of a mess, any way! I'd probably buy this again although, I haven't tried many powders like this so I'd probably try others first!

Left - before / Right - after
It truly pained me to take these photos at 8:30am and then put them on the internet but I guess hundreds of students see me every day like this so what's a few more people! I don't think you see toooo much difference in the photo, do you? I'll let you decide.

Monday, 15 July 2013

LIFE: #fmsphotoaday - Instagram

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12 - A Bad Habit
11 - I wore this
2- Shoes
4 - Red, White or Blue
5 - Love

6 - Fave Smell
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A sneak peak in to my month so far curtsey of @fatmumslim's photo a day challenge on Instagram... I only missed one day so far! A new record lol. Does anyone else love challenges like this?