Sunday, 27 July 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Smooth and Clear All in One Compact

Hi! Today's offering from me is another review on something I bought in Thailand (that's going to be a common thing for the next six months or so, FYI)... I've been wearing this compact almost every day at work since May so I thought I'd write about it for you :)

This compact is supposed to be an All in One product so I was keen to try it even though I'm pretty sure it's meant for Asian complexions. I bought it in shade 03 Natural which is probably the closest to my non Asian skin. I found that it gives light to medium coverage, blends easily and doesn't cake unless you really over do it! I apply it straight on to my bare face after applying my normal moisturiser, using the little sponge; it's completely fuss free.

Maybelline claims that it should...
  • Control shine - VERDICT: Yes
  • Have UV protection - VERDICT: I personally wouldn't trust it but  I haven't exactly tested!
  • Conceal blemishes - VERDICT: Yes
  • Give fairer skin - VERDICT: I hate the idea of all of this fairness/whitening stuff and I guess it does kind of white me out sometimes but when I'm teaching, I get so red and hot that it cancels it out lol
  • Smooth / Even out skin - VERDICT: Pretty much
  • Be long wear and gentle -VERDICT: long wear = maybe... Gentle = Yes
Price: I can't remember but the website says 199 baht (~£4)

 I needed this powder to control my shine and redness while I was teaching all day and I'd say it does a decent job; I generally feel confident that I don't look too much of a mess, any way! I'd probably buy this again although, I haven't tried many powders like this so I'd probably try others first!

Left - before / Right - after
It truly pained me to take these photos at 8:30am and then put them on the internet but I guess hundreds of students see me every day like this so what's a few more people! I don't think you see toooo much difference in the photo, do you? I'll let you decide.

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