Thursday, 4 July 2013

Weekly Wish List #4

Ok so this weeks wish list is actually more of a shopping list! Since I got to Germany a month a go I haven't bought any beauty products or clothes and I'm starting to feel a little desperate now. With things running out and needs cropping up all over the place, I really need to go shopping!

  • Garnier BB Cream: I've been through a few tubes of this since I started using it; out of the five BB creams that I've tried this is definitely my favourite!
  • Body Shop Aloe Day Cream: I've talked about this so many times; I'm just about to run out of the lotion version of this but it hasn't lasted very long so I'm going back to the day cream which is more cost effective!
  • Revlon Colour Stay Ultimate Suede: I want to try this lipstick despite some of the dodgy reviews, I just need to choose a colour!
  • ASOS Sandals: I'm still looking for a new pair of sandals, the colour of these caught my eye today.
 Any suggestions for which colour of the Revlon lipstick I should get?


  1. I really want to try the Garnier BB cream, I'm using the Maybelline one right now and its the first BB cream I've used, I really like it but I dont know how it would compare to the Garnier one so I really want to try it! Also I love the sandals, ASOS just has the most amazing variety and those would be so nice for the summer :) xxx

    1. You should definitely try the Garnier BB cream if you can, some people think the colour is a bit orange but it's my favourite out of the ones I've tried (which includes the Maybelline one) :) xx

  2. Great blog, and post! I absolutely stand by Revlon lipsticks. I have a bunch in the warm browns/coco colors as those match my skin tone the best. They are great products, and not expensive at all. I have also been looking for summer sandles other than flipflops lol but those AS0S ones are just not appealing to me at all. I love the color, but i don't like the style. Just my opinion!!

    I am a new follower, interested in following me back? I'd appreciate it greatly!!!

    Thank you beautiful!!
    Rica xx

    1. Glad you recommend the lipsticks, now I definitely need to get some!
      I'll go check out your blog now :) x


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