Tuesday, 25 June 2013

REVIEW: Garnier Skin Naturals Summer Body Light Moisturising Lotion

Summer has crept up on me and after the temperature reaching 36 degrees for a day last week I have had no option but to dare to bare my legs! I'm not the kind of person who wants the hassle of proper fake tan so year after year I pick up a gradual tanning lotion to make my pasty (and often purple!) legs a little more summer dress friendly. Previously I have always gone for the Johnson's variety of tanning moisturiser but I decided to try this Garnier one when I noticed it because I had never been particularly impressed with the results of the Johnson's lotion and thought different one was worth trying.

  • APPLICATION: this lotion is so easy to apply, just make sure everywhere is covered and well rubbed in and it's pretty much fool proof and in my experience, streak free. As you can see in the picture, it's white and easily rubs in clear as it's not very thick. It does take quite a while to feel "dry" but seems to soak in quickly in reality. I have put leggings on after applying when my legs still felt a little bit dewy but I didn't notice any adverse effects :)
  • RESULTS: it says on the bottle that you can apply every day for a natural looking tan however after applying for two days in a row my legs looked lovely and my boyfriend commented on how natural it looked when I confessed that it wasn't a real tan! With this result after two days I'm really impressed and now use it once or twice a week or for a couple of days before I'm going to be showing my legs if I know in advance for a fuss free natural look. It is also very moisturising. For me, after not using it for a few days the tan faded evenly with out going patchy unlike some "proper" fake tans.
  • SMELL: a lot of people complain about the smell of tanning products... This is not the best smelling body lotion in the world and honestly, it does have a slightly lingering smell but credit where credit is due; I do find that it smells slightly apricotty (which I guess is from the apricot extract in there) so at least it smells a little bit nicer than other tanning lotions which don't have anything like that to make them smell nice.

I will almost certainly buy this again although hopefully not until next year as I'm still hoping for a natural tan to magically appear whilst I'm wearing factor 35 sun screen... I can dream!

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