Friday, 18 January 2013

Comparison: Face Masks

Whilst trying to "fix" my BF's troublesome skin I have come across a fair few face masks so I thought I would compare the two most recent ones I tried!

Product One.

First is Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask which I purchased from Superdrug for £1.09 (on offer). It comes with two sachets in one (handy!) and I found that one sachet was just enough to do both mine and my bf's face so we could save the other sachet for another day. You only had to leave it on for 3/4 minutes so it didn't feel like much fun but my skin felt nice and clean after so it did the job.

1. It left skin nice and clean but not dried out
2. It was really good value for money with enough for two faces in one sachet
3. It was virtually fragrance free so you didn't feel like you were putting any nasties on your skin

1. The supposed "sauna" effect didn't really happen
2. It was slightly messy to wash off
3. Only leaving it on for 4 minutes didn't really feel like I was being pampered, it was more of a quick fix which I could probably have got from washing my face

Product Two.

Next is the Rhubarb and Lingonberry Face Mask from H&M at 99p per sachet. I picked this up while I was buying a top as they were sneakily placed by the tills, there were lots of "flavours" to choose from but I picked this because I wanted a peel off one. It had a nice natural smell and was quite a thick gel so again, we managed to get two faces from one sachet because a little went  a long way. This seemed perfect for my skin but my BF felt a little dry after so it might be harsher on  more sensitive skin.

1. You wear it for 20 minutes; it felt much more of a treat than the other
2. It was no hassle. Due to it being a peel off mask there was no mess and it was easy to get it all off without leaving little bits behind
3. Left skin feeling smooth as well as clean

1. Not as good value for money in comparison to the other 
2. May be drying if your skin is on the sensitive side

Over all I'd buy both again. For a quick refresh the Garnier one is great and would be great before a shower to simplify the process of washing it off but if I wanted to feel pampered I'd choose the one from H&M and I'd certainly try their other varieties - the chocolate one is next on my list!

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