Thursday, 24 January 2013

Review: It's About Prime, Soap & Glory

It's About Prime, Soap & Glory in 'Bright Light' - £8 at Boots

I thought I'd just say a quick few words about the only Soap & Glory product I've ever tried (shock horror! I'm just not attracted to them...). I picked this up on NYE when I decided against buying new eye shadow to go with my outfit because I already had practically every colour. I thought the price of this was a bit hefty for the size of it but I'm hoping it will last a while because I'm not really planning to wear it everyday.

So in terms of wear, you're instructed to apply a visible layer to your eyelid, blend it in with your finger and leave it to dry. This is simple enough with a lipgloss style applicator and it doesn't take long to dry. I've tried this with a few shades of powder eyeshadow even though it's only meant for light, bright colours and it does stop them creasing well. However,  I have noticed that it does modify the colour of your chosen shadow a little, even if it is a light one which I didn't expect. I get around this by applying a bit more than usual and it gets back to how I like it. Considering this, I am tempted to buy the 'Smokey' shade to wear with my favourite darker shadows but I can't justify the price of having both if I'm honest, I don't think I'd get the wear out of it.

By the way, I started shadowing a teacher today and I've had an interesting time of it which involved having a book and some scissors accidentally thrown at me. What am I getting myself in to...

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