Tuesday, 22 January 2013

SHOW OFF: Top of The Tops

I've had a lot of new tops lately as since it's been a bit chilly I've been trying to wear trousers a bit more often. This is quite impossible when your main wardrobe consists of dresses and you don't have much to wear them with. Cue me going crazy about shirts before Christmas (just ask my friend Becky, I really did want them all) and now eying up every sweatshirt I see.

Top: Sleeveless Tee with Star Studs, Internacionale (past)
Middle: Beaded Cross Sweater, Internacionale (past)
Bottom: Sleeveless Tee with Camo/Horse Print H&M (current £7.99)

I'm wearing these three tops with everything and anything at the moment! The two from Internacionale have really nice detail with studs and the beaded crosses and the H&M one is an interesting print which also comes in green (it was a hard choice between them!).

Beaded Collar Jumper, H&M £24.99

Large Animal Print Tee, Next £14
Both of these tops were bought to wear with some smart trousers when I start my work experience this week (I now feel like a real life grown up). The jumper from H&M is really light weight and soft and has a lovely collar ,always a bonus. The top from Next is boxy and not what I'd usually go for because I'm rather small but it seemed perfect for smart casual scenarios and was a decent price for the quality. I also got some BARGAIN work trousers from the Next outlet to wear with these which I'm feeling very smug about; they fit perfectly and were only £13. I have to tell everyone about them!

And to talk about something a little more depressing, I'm off to throw on that beaded sweatshirt with a skirt, tights and maybe even some trainers before I go to a media lecture on war reportage, I think I'll have to make fizzy vimto with the soda stream to cheer myself up after that one.


  1. Love the cross t-shirt! I keep seeing a similar one in Primark but it's NEVER in my size :( xx


    1. It's actually a sweater, so glad I made my bf get it me for christmas :P
      A Primark t-shirt version sounds very interesting, I will have to look out for it! x

  2. Wow that beaded jumper from H&M is gorgeous!! I might have to get my hands on it. Great post :) xxx

  3. I haven't seen you in that beaded collar jumper yet, it's GORGEOUS. Somehow blogger has made me unfollow you and will not let me re-follow. Were having strong words at the moment xo


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