Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday's Five Fabulous Things

Ok, so this morning I realised I had a lot of blogging to catch up on as I have lots of stuff to share with you and I also missed my Five Fabulous Things post on the Sunday just gone because I was so busy... BUT I've now completely finished university now so I can do all of the catching up! I'm also changing Five Fabulous Things to Friday because, well, it's Friday today and I wanted to :)
Today I'm sharing an instagram of cocktails which I had yesterday at Las Iguanas, Yum!

On to the five things that have made me especially happy this week...

  1. I'VE FINISHED UNIVERSITY: I can't believe it's finally over, I have many sad feelings as many happy ones. I'm mainly sad to be leaving my flat which has been a lovely home for three years. Once I've caught up on all of the tidying up I have to do I'll be taking some photos to remember it by and I think I'll share some on here so you all can see where I live :)
  2. Pub Quiz: last night me and some of my friends went out for a quiet dinner which led to a pub quiz, which led to us WINNING! We won a £20 bar tab and so we ended up having quite a few drinks and a dance in the club upstairs to the pub even though we weren't really planning on that kind of night. It was quite a nice surprise, free drinks are always good!
  3. Nando's Chicken Land: I went to Nando's for lunch yesterday with my friends (I needn't say more really, you can guess why this made me happy)... We saw a sign up in there about some kind of terms and conditions or something and the company was stated as "Nando's Chicken Land". We had no idea that it had ever been called that and found it quite amusing so it's no longer just "Nando's" to us haha
  4. New Clothes: Also yesterday, I went celebratory shopping and bought myself a few new things and I have that new clothes feeling where I just want to wear them all!
  5. Food: this one is about food, again. For the past four days, I've been so busy that I haven't had a home cooked meal and whilst I really enjoy cooking, eating junk for once has been SO good. There, I said it. I guess it's never too late to try being a "proper" student!
Hope you have all had a lovely week!

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  1. I love weekend so much, just taking a drink , new clothes, partye and of course good food. I follow you now back babe. XYass SE


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