Monday, 8 April 2013

Perfume Post: FCUK 3 her

Sorry for the crappy photo -  it turns out that my boyfriend's house is awful for taking pictures...

I thought I'd make up for the previous poor photo by adding this photo of my boyfriend's cat, Mr Smudge.
His little pink nose and snugglyness will hopefully improve the situation.
I'm aware that now, I may as well have not bothered reviewing the perfume but that's the risk you taking when posting a photo of a kitty hehe

It's been a while since I said I'd start working through some of my perfumes so I thought I'd post about another one today.
FCUK 3 her is the kind of perfume that you can just spritz all over yourself as you run out of the door and know that you don't smell too bad at all. It has a generally floral scent that isn't overpowering so it's good for day time; it seems quite a summery smell which cheers me up a bit :). I also have the body lotion so I usually rub a bit on before I spray to lock in the scent if I want it to be a bit more noticeable as it does tend to disappear a bit sometimes. The bottle of this is quite cool looking and I usually take it with me when I travel as I get paranoid about glass breaking with my other bottles where as this seems a bit more "protected" by all of the plastic (not sure how logical I'm actually being but it works for me lol). It's available all over the internet at rather cheap prices (around £10 for 100ml) so it's an easy addition to any collection! This is definitely my favourite bargain perfume - what's yours?


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