Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday's Five Fabulous Things

My favourite Sunday Secret this week.

I'm a little down at the moment since I'm really struggling to get motivated with my dissertation. I've had a bit of an uplift this evening after talking it over with my friend and boyfriend which is good really considering I only have just over a week to get it done! In spite of this I've decided to do a happy little post about five fabulous things from this week which I think I'll try and do every Sunday to remind myself to cheer up a bit! I also thought I'd share my favourite secret from this week's Post Secret as I didn't have any photos for this post - I'm so paranoid that I always think things are about me but hopefully not vain!

On to my Five Fabulous Things...

  1. Old Friends - Over Easter I stayed in my home town at my boyfriend's house to get a change of scene from uni and a bit of a break (even though I didn't really deserve one!)... I managed to meet up with most of my good school friends during the first week which was lovely but the best night was on Tuesday when me and my boyfriend spent a rather fun evening with one of said friends, hanging out in his bedroom like old times. We played a The Dark Knight Rises drinking game and probably kept his family up for half the night, perfect lol
  2.  Making Fudge - Whilst at "home" I also visited my Nan and little cousins, we spent an afternoon in her kitchen making some delicious chocolate fudge. This tried and tested recipe never fails to delight us all.
  3. Moving House - My Mom has been packing up our house in Gutersloh, Germany this week to move to Sennelager and whilst I have not seen the house or even any photos of it I feel very excited that I will have somewhere new to explore soon.
  4. Food Shopping - One thing I really enjoy about coming back to uni after a holiday is doing a huge food shop. This time (the last ever time!) my nan took us. I love it when she takes us shopping as she encourages us to pick up all kind of treats. Hello, peanut M&Ms - certainly not essential but much appreciated!
  5. Baby Oil Baths - When I'm procastinating at uni I have lots of baths and whilst I don't REALLY enjoy them, I do miss them when I stay at my boyfriend's house as his bathroom is far too busy to accommodate me spending an hour in the bath most evenings. So, today when I got back I had a really indulgent bath full of baby oil. The bath needs cleaning now but I feel LUSH.
What fabulous things have you done this week?


  1. This reminds me that I haven't been keeping up with Post Secret lately! And now I also want fudge :)

    xox Sammi

    1. Oh no, I hate missing Post Secret! :( x


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