Monday, 27 May 2013

LIFE: My Wardrobe Clear Out #3

It's now only 3 days until my mom arrives so that she can help me move out. Cue: me rushing to get stuff done before she comes and makes all of my stuff disappear. Today I decided to tackle the two boxes from the bottom of my wardrobe...

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The side of the wardrobe I'm currently tackling.
 This side of the wardrobe isn't too crazy (as I don't have much hanging space) but those boxes at the bottom are just a nightmare. I don't think I'll have much to get rid loads as there is mostly underwear/socks/tights in there and I try to keep that kind of stuff in check because I don't want to keep finding holey tights. It just needs to look more organised so that my mom doesn't freak out and tell me to get rid of it all when we start packing! I took the boxes in to my living room and tipped them out; here is what I found...  

There were lots of questionable looking items in there, if I'm honest - there was a wooden instrument in there (some kind of flute) which I got as a souvenir on a holiday years ago, I had to crop it out of the photo because it just looked dodgy! It has now made it's way in to my memories box as it did not quite belong with my underwear haha...

More precisely, here is what I came across (what I got rid of in brackets)...
  • 8 random items of clothing (-2)
  • 10 pairs of leggings (-5)
  • 25 pairs of tights (-8)
  • 43 pairs of socks, ridiculous! + many odd ones
  • 43 pairs of knickers (you can never have too many!)
  • 23 bras (-10)
  • 3 pairs of slippers/slipper socks
  • 14 belts (-8)
  • 2 bikinis 
  • 2 bag straps + a teddy bear
This is what the boxes look like now.
Still quite full but much more streamlined so
hopefully they will stay like that!

I have no idea what I need a lot of that stuff for but most of it is still good/new so I'm not chucking out very much of it even though there is more in the wash and in my bedside cabinet to add to this lot. It seems that I have crazy amounts of some stuff, hello, 43 pairs of socks (I hardly even wear socks)... but it's not an unmanageable amount to pack in the grand scheme of things so I'm happy to keep them.

PS. Don't tell my boyfriend that I found a pair of his pyjama bottoms stuffed in there, he's been looking for them for ages and I told him that I didn't know where they were just this morning!

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