Thursday, 16 May 2013

SHOW OFF: Body Shop Bargains

Today I went to my local Body Shop outlet to pick up a few things. These outlets are such fab places; I got 40% off of my bill because I bought 4 things... it would have been £16 but it was £9.60!

I bought:

One Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Bar - I would recommend this to any one. They are EXCELLENT value for money; I have been using the same one near enough daily since SEPTEMBER and it's still not run out. I only got a new one because my current one is getting a bit small now and I'm worried I won't be able to get another (at such a discounted price) while I'm in Germany. They are also far less drying than any face washes I've tried, are great at washing of make up and are perfect to use in the shower (and to take in hand luggage as it's not liquid!)... I will never  buy face wash again!

One Facial Buffer - I have been meaning to buy one of these for a while as they get great reviews, can't wait to use it!

One Handknit Cactus Mitt - I originally wanted to replace my old Smooth & Renew Body Loofah Mitt which I loved but when I saw this cactus mitt I chose it instead; it feels a bit rough but in a god way, like you will get a really good scrub with it. It also seems like you will really get a good lather when using body wash with it which you sadly didn't get with the loofah mitt.

And lastly, one Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm in Pomegranate - I have been using the strawberry one of these for months now and it's so "addictive", I feel like I want to apply it over and over again because it feels heavenly on my lips. So, I thought I'd try another. This pomegranate version smells gorgeous and leaves a slick hint of red on your lips.

Have you tried any of these? If not, I urge you to go out and get the cleansing bar!


  1. This is a brilliant deal ... Will have to try this bar

    Carrieanne x

    1. It's a great deal, they often do it online as well so you should look out if you don't live near an outlet! x

  2. Replies
    1. I hope you find one, it's so worth it! x

  3. I really enjoy that cleansing bar as well.

    1. Glad you like it too, everyone should get one!

  4. lovely products! Thanx for your comment, shall we follow? let me knowxse


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