Tuesday, 21 May 2013

REVIEW: MUA Power Pout in "Crazy in Love"

Top Line: the colour layered up a bit
Bottom Line: one layer of colour

I have had this for quite some time and have been waiting to review it so, here it is! The Power Pout - MUA's £3 lip balm which, ultimately, copies the Clinique Chubby Stick for a fifth of the price... Firstly, I'll apologise for the absolutely rubbish quality of the swatch photo, any other I took was making it look bright pink in colour which it isn't at all!

On first impressions, I'd say this looks good, especially for £3, it's not too tacky but when I first applied it to my lips I was slightly put off. It felt really greasy like it was melting! After wearing it a few times I don't mind that feel so much, it makes it easy to apply and it's not really dry on your lips (although I wouldn't really say it's moisturising, just that the product isn't dry like some lipsticks).

The colour it's self is really nice. The "swatch" on their website looks brown and the packaging looks a bit brown too but the actual tint is a nice berry tone and definitely not as pink as some swatches on the other blogs make it look. You can wear it quite sheer but I like to layer it up a little bit. It doesn't last for a particularly long time but I wasn't expecting a whole night's wear for £3, I'll look elsewhere for that.

In comparison with Clinique's Chubby Stick and Revlon's Just Bitten balm stain which are similar styles, you can definitely tell this is the cheapest but that's fine, you get what you pay for. It feels generally lower in quality than the chubby stick but is more similar in texture as Revlon's effort is really dry. However, the Revlon balm has the longest lasting colour of the three, by far (however it is a stain rather than a tint so not the best comparison).

Overall, I like this. It's one of my favourite balms/tints now, I actually use it more than my favourite chubby stick at the moment because I like the colour so much! I'd buy another but only if there were more colours, as it's quite a small range. The others they have aren't really the kind of colours I'd wear or I'd be buying the same colours I already have in other products if I bought the ones I do like. For me, this is definitely one of the better MUA products I've tried.


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